Marcus Gutierrez



My name is Marcus Gutierrez.

I am an IT specialist with several years of web hosting experience. I have experience working with linux servers (RedHat and Debian derivatives) and Windows desktops. In addition, I also have knowledge of programming languages such as Bash/Perl/Python scripting, high level languages such as C++/C# and web development languages HTML/CSS/Javascript/PHP. Anything I'm not familiar with, I take the time to learn. And I'm always expanding my knowledge by staying up to date in tech trends or learning new programming languages.

I've been making music since 2004 and have released several albums for free under the Mark.Nine alias. My music has appeared in short films, documentaries, commercials and can even be heard being played in public locations. The general style of music I create is electronic and ambient but often spans beyond that.



Electronic musical project since 2004

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Scrub Budz

Technical Director. Audio/Video specialist and video editing with Adobe Premiere.

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Coding projects on Github

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